Martina’s Playschool

Weekdays: Monday – Friday from 9am – 12pm

See introduction/information below and call Martina on 087 4127909 or email

or visit us on Facebook: Martinas Playschool Martina Conroy

Hi there, my name is Martina Conroy. I started my playschool in Glanmire over 12 years ago and it has grown stronger and stronger every year, mainly by word of mouth, this year is very exciting because we have new children to teach and have a huge number of new ideas for a more fun curriculum for our Playschool, as I feel we have got better at helping children to learn and become social, through my 24 years of experience and my staff’s years of experience.

When I was approached be a teacher in Glanmire I was gob smacked by all the lovely things they had to about our play school. The teacher said “ the children are always on about how much of a good time they had at my school” and this really made my year to know that children long gone have such found memories of my school.

We accept the E.C.C.E. grant and help guide parents in applying for the grant, if you have any questions about the playschool or receiving the ECCE grant please give me a ring on 087 4127909 or email me at and I can talk you through the process.

Outside the GACA Centre there is a bus stop across the road with a zebra crossing and there is a park just at the traffic lights junction, where parents can go to use Fit Zone exercise equipment, sit or play with their kids.

Inside the centre we have a huge hall so the kids can run, play and have fun – every year is different!

I have met some characters in my time and at the end of the year it a such pleasure to see a shy child become confident and social as they learned how to interacting with one another.

The teaching method we use is High-scope  • It shows children to think and to do for themselves. • Builds confidence and self-esteem.  • It stimulates memory, creativity, imagination and develops these skills. • Prepares children at a young age to plan and organise themselves and achieve their goals. • It shows children how to solve problems in a social setting and on their own.

There is a graduation ceremony at the end of the year for all the kids that are leaving to big school. The children receive candles to blow to symbolise the end of their playschool years and they receive certs to acknowledge what to have achieved at Martina’s