Hazelwood Improvement Project Monday 9th May

Venue: Glanmire Scout Hall, Hazelwood, Glanmire, Co Cork

Date: Monday 9th May, 2016

Time: 4pm to 8pm

Cork County Council has identified the requirements to enhance the Hazelwood, Glanmire area. The section of the road which forms the main artery of the study area is the road which extends from the existing junction between the R615 and R639 to the roundabout junction with Brooklodge Grove to the East. The purpose of the project is:

To provide enhanced pedestrian facilities and permeability, cycle facilities, flood management proposals, landscape improvements and junction upgrades.

At this Public Exhibition we will be presenting draft proposals setting out:

  • Pedestrian facilities along the roadway
  • Locations of pedestrian crossings
  • Treatment of side roads / entrances
  • Speed control measures
  • Cycle facilities
  • Design of signalisation of the R639 junction
  • Design of upgrade of R639 junction
  • Landscaping
  • Signage
  • Flood management proposalsThis exhibition is an important opportunity for you to let us know your views on the recommendations, and is the final consultation before the completion of the Project.Representatives from Cork County Council will be in attendance at the public consultation meeting.

If you cannot attend the public consultation exhibition and would like to participate in the consultation process, please send your comments to Páraig Lynch by email at paraig.lynch@corkcoco.ie or by post at Cork County Council, Carrig House, Cobh, Co. Cork). Closing date for submissions on the public consultation is Friday 3rd June, 2016