Press Release, Launch of Glanmire Health Check. February 29th

The Glanmire Health Check was launched by the Deputy Lord Mayor, Cllr Kenneth O’Flynn on Thursday, February 29th in the Glanmire Church Parish Hall. The preparation of this Health Check was funded by the Department of Rural and Community Development and Cork City Council, under the Town and Village Renewal Scheme, TVRS, 2021.

Cork City Council would like to give a particular mention to the following groups for their input and support: Glanmire Area Community Association (GACA); Glanmire Chamber of Commerce; Elected Members from the North East Ward; Cork City Council electoral area; staff from Cork City Council and the residents of Glanmire who took the time to participate in the study. Sincere thanks are also due to Wessel Vosloo and his team from the Planning Partnership who carried out the research and finalised the report. The research for the Health Check was carried out in the summer of 2023.

The Health Check has found that Glanmire has the potential to strengthen as a town and develop as an area with improved liveability. The results of the research also provide recommendations on how to reduce the dispersed nature of the Glanmire area; creating an identifiable town centre. Some of the key findings include:

  • The consolidation of Glanmire’s vibrant environment and historical character will be central in maximising Glanmire as a key growth area.
  • Glanmire’s vibrant community and distinctive built heritage has been fundamental to the identity of Glanmire and will require significant consideration in achieving a more distinctive town centre for the community. 
  • At present, the main commercially focused areas of Glanmire are dispersed and is a matter that must be addressed in identifying a centralised town centre for Glanmire. Identifying a town centre is a key consideration going forward in Glanmire . There is also a need to undertake a wider assessment of existing social and recreational infrastructure and to identify suitable locations for such infrastructure to meet the demands of Glanmire’s growing population.

A number of major regeneration projects and initiatives are currently being progressed in Glanmire, such as: the Glanmire Flood Relief Project and the delivery of 15 projects under the Local Roads Improvement Scheme. These initiatives will greatly improve infrastructure in Glanmire. The findings of the Health Check will assist in identifying what other initiatives are required and will be of use in developing an overall planning framework for the Glanmire area.

For further information contact Donal Guerin, Strategic and Economic Development, Cork City Council at 021 238 98 56,