Tims Glanmire Wildlife Quiz…why not have a go!

  1. Name the two Glanmire Rivers that meet near the old John Barley Corn hotel in Riverstown.
  2. Name six native Irish trees to be found in the John O’Callaghan Park at Riverstown cross.
  3. What is the large dark water loving bird which roosts in numbers in the trees across the river from Glen Mervyn gates in Glanmire village?
  4. What is the name of the summer visiting bird that builds a beautiful domed mud nest, typically on the outside wall of a house under the eaves of the roof?
  5. What is the name of the small native Irish red mammal that lives in the woodlands in the Hermitage area of Glanmire?
  6. During what months of the year does the Wildlife Act say that trees and hedgerows should not be cutback? See www.heritagecouncil.ie
  7. If you wished to invite nature into your back garden would you A) Lay it out with beautiful paving, B) Carefully develop it as an ornamental garden or C) Leave a corner grow a little bit wild?
  8. What famous Cork poet who spent some time in Glanmire wrote: “At Tír na nÓg ar chúl an tí, Tír álainn trína chéile, Lucht ceithre chos ag súil na slí, Gan bróga orthu ná léine, Gan Béarla acu ná Gaeilge.”?
  9. What is the name of the very big grey bird with long, legs, neck and beak that likes our wetlands and rivers? Do you know any local name for this bird?
  10. What is the name in English for the Sciathán Leathair? – It can be seen flying up-and-down Brookhill after sunset in the summer? See www.EnglishIrishDictionary.com
  11. What is the smallest and what is the largest native Irish bird?
  12. What medium sized bird from Africa with a famous two-note call heralds the coming of spring (seen in Ballyluachra graveyard, Brookhill in 2003)?
  13. What is the Irish name for Riverstown?
  14. What dumpy brown-and-white river bird nests each year under the old stone bridge (which Cromwell crossed in 1649) in Riverstown? Hint – you may need to DIP into a book for this one.
  15. Write a short slogan on why we should protect the many ancient wells, bridges, mills, forts, standing stones and kilns in Glanmire.
  16. What is bio-diversity and give any two examples of preservation of bio-diversity in Glanmire – See www.IWT.ie
  17. What bird is central to the old Irish Children of Lir legend?
  18. What animal is central to the legend of the battles between Queen Maeve of Connaught and the Knights of Ulster?
  19. Name five different types of Crow found in Glanmire. Hints – one-for-sorrow-two-for-joy, towers of London, chess-piece, …
  20. Name three types of fish found in the Glashaboy River.
  21. Link the pairs i.e.. numbers to letters: (see www.BirdWatchIreland.ie )


Match each number (the species) with the letter (a habitat) which describes it best …

1) Birds with long legs and long beaks.           A) Live in the many woodlands of Glanmire.
2) Swift, Swallow, House Martin.                       B) Live in/near our rivers, ponds and wetlands.
3) Small birds with short stout beak.               C) Night-time creatures.
4) Jay, Red Squirrel, Oak.                                     D) Seed eating birds in our gardens and fields.
5) Wren, Hedgehog, Whitethorn.                      E) Waders of the muddy estuary behind Glanmire village.
6) Snipe, Otter, Alder, Frogs.                              F) Live in our abundant roadside hedge rows.
7) Owl, Bat, Badger.                                                G) Circle/swoop/screech over Riverstown in summer evenings.