Tidy Towns

We are a sub-committee of Glanmire Area Community Association.

Our members are volunteers who live within the community. Our work is basically to enhance the area by striving to keep it clean and also to undertake certain projects which are of benefit to everybody who lives here.

Achievements to date:

  • A general overall improvement in the cleanliness of the area.
  • Development of the environmental garden at Riverstown Cross.
  • Funding the building of the wall at MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) on the Hazelwood Road, Riverstown.
  • Creation of the Glanmire “loops” which are 3 nature trails with information boards and directional fingerposts starting in Glanmire Village and through to Sallybrook village via Brooklodge and the rocky road.
  • The development of the cottage garden at the “Alms” houses in the Glanmire village.
  • The installation of an outdoor gym in John O’ Callaghan Park, Riverstown. Click here for details on the equipment installed and its use.

Ongoing work:

  • Litter Clean-up. This is work which is constantly being done by our volunteers. We meet as a group every 1st Saturday @ 12pm until 1pm and set off from the library to clean up litter blackspots in the area.
  • We got the 12 ‘Failte gó’ teak signs with flower barrels made & installed 2 in Brooklodge, 4 in Glanmire, 4 in Riverstown and 2 in Sallybrook villages.
  • Each spring/summer the various Failte gó flower barrels and other barrels are planted.
  • Tidy Towns volunteers also help organise co-ordinate and supervision of the Glanmire Summer Youth Works Scheme: This is where GACA take on approx. 20 local teenagers, with financial sponsorship of Ryan’s Supervalu, to work for a week cleaning, painting, planting, weeding, etc.
  • Tidy Towns facilitates transition year students participating in the community module of the “Gaisce Awards”. We provide mentoring and supervision.
  • We enter the National Tidy Towns and have been quite successful, we have received many positive and encouraging reports each year.
  • We take part successfully in the annual Cork Co Council litter challenge.
  • We also pay to get the grass in John O’Callaghan Park and the Environment Garden in Riverstown Cross


  • For the finance necessary to keep going Glanmire Area Tidy Towns hold an annual “bag pack” in Ryan’s Supervalu, in which the people of Glanmire contribute generously.
  • We also gratefully receive generous donations from some local businesses. For our projects where possible we apply and have received funding from both Cork County Council and SECAD grants.
  • We always welcome new members. Being involved in Tidy Towns gives opportunities for project management, creativity, diplomacy and new friendships. We hold bi-monthly meetings in the GACA Riverstown Community Centre and more casual meetings to discuss ideas over coffee after our monthly clean-ups.
  • If you would like to contact us to get involved with the group, the clean-ups or if you have any ideas for the area please phone GACA office at Riverstown Community Centre on 021 482 1333 before 1pm.