Glanmire Environment Group
Cumann Timpeallachta Ghleann Maghair

Who are we?
We are a sub-committee of the GACA, strictly voluntary, but we have some very dedicated people working on our various projects, some of which are very long-term – such as lobbying County Council for improvements to the infrastructure of Greater Glanmire, and the development of our John O’Callaghan Park. We are very open to suggestions from other residents. Why not come along to one of our meetings?

Proposed activities:

[1] John O’Callaghan Park – further Development
We are very proud of this small park, named in honour of the founder of the Community Association, who was taken from us suddenly not long after its establishment. Solas na bhFlaitheas ar a anam. This year we landscaped the area around the new swings-and-slides, that have proved very popular with families, are are continuing to plant shrubs and bulbs. Without the voluntary care of residents, the poor old park would soon degenerate into a wasteland. This year’s plans are on two levels:—
{a} Its physical development – further enhancement of the infrastructure
{b} Its use from next Spring by organised groups. E.g. we propose a Storytelling Weekend. Any other ideas?

[2] The Area overlooking O’Callaghan Park.
This is the piece of land sloping down from the Glyntown Road to the weir.
Some trees could be cut to reveal the view: others could be planted.
A boardwalk decking to be built
We will need to consult a Landscape Gardener.
This is a very under-utilised amenity in a place (Glanmire) which, in truth, has not as many real amenities as it might seem. Any volunteers?

[3] Development of signposted walks.
The Area Development Plan shows the routes of several walks, but they are still in our minds. this year we could make them a reality.
Heritage Subcommittee have made a wonderful start with their series of historical walks. There is huge scope for opening up riverside walks and others of ecological interest. Some tracks exist, but are not yet accessible by the general public. There are legal and insurance implications that we will need to ascertain, but the obstacles are not insuperable.

[4] Introduce more trees to Glanmire!
Don’t say that we are already stiff with trees! Apart from certain semi-wild areas, there is a lot that could be done to enhance our built-up areas.
For example, we could discuss the creation of a Community Forest, with (e.g.) a 40-year Development Plan. These things have been done successfully elsewhere. this is one we’d really like to see happen.

[5] Hazelwood/Crestfield Shopping Centre
This central area of our communitycould be greatly enhanced with further landscaping.
We would like to work with the other persons & bodies directly responsible for this area.
We will need to consult & liaise with several other Community Groups in Glanmire, but we are willing to contribute.

[6]Monitoring of Development Applications and liaison with our Local Councillors.
This is another long-term project. Millions of euro ride on these developments, yet the planners can welcome local suggestions at an early stage. In extreme cases, we have sent in our own “Observations” and even “Objections” to particular developments. We never really know what impact our own modest contributions have made, yet we have been told by Planning Office that they do value input from community groups like ourselves.
All volunteers very welcome!

[7] Liasing with Area Engineer.
We have regular meetings with the Area Engineer, notifying him of local situations and, usually, giving them a “wish list” for the year. We do see our requests acted upon – although they have their own timetable of priorities.
Negotiators are a valuable resource!

[8] Annual Litter Pickup
In addition to the sterling work of the Tidy Towns group, and of certain individuals to be seen doing this necessary but unacknowledged community service, the Environment Group have organised an Annual Litter Pickup, one weekend each April. The Area Engineer arranges for the litter bags to be collected at the end of the weekend.
Our ideal aim is to have one co-ordinator from each estate. Interested?
Negotiators are a valuable resource!

I hope the above has given you some idea of our activities, and hopefully there is something you would like to help us with.

Le gach dea-ghuí

M.Ó Fearghail
Cumann Timpeallachta Ghleann Maghair