BMX Glanmire

GACA are exploring a new idea for the Glanmire area and community, we are supporting the following plan of introducing BMX in GLANMIRE and perhaps a BMX CLUB.
BMX is an Olympic Sport but not just for the sporting competitor, it has longevity, it has come back and it is around to stay and has already a huge youth following. BMX is a sport which promotes a healthy lifestyle, it is family orientated, it appeals to children and teenagers both boys and girls who may often go astray but instead find interest and get involved in the exciting sport and activity of BMX. Believe it or not BMX is safe with protective gear and a smaller bike, it also removes the danger of riding on public roads, it has its own purpose built area, but often just as much fun in a car park, a basketball court, a dirt track or trail, or any safe open space, even indoors: in a hall, a gymnasium, the front drive way, or even the back garden.
BMX appeals to all age groups, it is exciting. It is engaging, it encourages creativity, improves coordination, balance. BMX is unique activity for body and mind, it is Fun to do for everyone.
BMX is a social Sport, promotes an environment where friends practice together, make new friends and it is affordable, it appeals to all age groups, We have great hurling and football facilities within Glanmire however it is not for everyone, cycling and BMX is another alternative.
BMX hails from 4 main categories BMX RACING, FREESTYLE-RAMP, STREET, and FLATLAND.
From BMX, Scooters, skateboards, Mountain-bikes, roller-blades have all come to life and live quite happily together with BMX. With Jeans, a helmet and a bike, you can hang out with friends and have fun, fully equipped to take part in BMX.
A BMX can often cost as little as €100 or less second hand for tensile steel or part chromo (local bike shop or even online), Buying a BMX new €150 upwards to full Chromo. Some recommended top brands who provide entry level bikes are “WE THE PEOPLE”, “HARO”, “Mongoose” etc. However to get started a MOUNTAINBIKE or any BMX bike or any bike at all will do just fine.
Helmets vary from Open-Face to Full-Face. Open face helmets (skate or Road) are helmets without a Chin-Guard which is a typical cycling helmet, so there is a risk of hitting your face if you fall. Full face looks like a Moto-Cross Helmet but lighter in weight as used in BMX-Racing with a Chin-Guard with full protection. Either helmet new can cost from €30 upwards however any cycling helmet will do to get started.
So where can we go and have fun and learn to ride BMX. In Glanmire GACA have looked at the basketball court as a possible space for BMX FREESTYLE/ FLATLAND and introduction to BMX RACING and Mountain-biking skills. Unfortunately we have struggled to maintain the basketball court area due to antisocial behaviour which has led to the consistent breakage of glass bottles, rubbish and persistent fires which have damaged the basketball courts Tarmac surface. So we had to temporarily abandon the idea due to the difficulties with insurance if the area is being damaged repeatedly.
If anyone is interested or have any suggestions to resolving the issues preventing BMX being introduced to Glanmire please let GACA your local community centre know by ringing 021 482 1333 or email or contacting us via our post on facebook
Finally to see what BMX and BMX racing is all about you are welcome to come and see CORK BMX at our track at TRAMORE VALLEY PARK at Kinsale-Roundabout/ South-link which is now open with the national championships on this weekend 22nd and 23rd of June. Open Saturday 1pm to 4pm / Sunday 11am 3pm.